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The constitution of Tree of Life International Foundation aimes to create a ONG family on an International level.

The international network has its driving force in the Helvetic Confederation, a worldwide symbol of cooperation between peoples and humanitarian commitment. Tree of Life International Foundation operates at an International level along four thematic areas: protection, education, development and emergency.

In Switzerland the Foundation is primarily engaged in awareness raising activities with education campaigns on rights, sustainable development, active and global citizenship.

The Swiss activity started from the Canton Ticino from an analysis conducted in 2011 that initially identified some areas of intervention within the juvenil disconfort area (youth deviations, bullying phenomena in particular), in the macro-area of ​​the protection of childhood.

Presidency and Administration board:

  • Presidency: Ivano Abbruzzi
  • Administration Board: Ivano Abbruzzi, Marco Iazzolino, Luciano Nessi

Ivano Abbruzzi 
He became supervisor for the project office once the foundation was established in 2004. Thanks to his work, new projects have been activated for children in Italy, Europe and for countries in the South of the world. He has been supervisor of advocacy, networking and research since 2009. Since 2013 he has been President of L’Albero della Vita Foundation.

Marco Iazzolino
Social and health emergencies training consultant for the CTF (Task Force Camilliana). Former General Secretary and Senior Social Policy Officer of fio.PSD. Coordinator for the Development of Microprojects, Head of Training for Caritas Italiana, Director of the Department of Sociology of UNICATT and European Commissioner for Social Policy of the Network of Brussels. Today he is a member of the administration board of L’Albero della Vita Foundation.
Luciano Nessi
Business consultant for over thirty years, member of various public and publicly controlled forum. For several years he was a teacher of Business Economics. Member of the Rotary Club Locarno and awarded the Paul Harris Fellow. From December 2013 member of the Board of Foundation of Tree of Life International Foundation.

Administrative manager/fundraising and internal representative

Administrative manager: Roberta Valloggia
Donor care service: Lorena Ballabio