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The international network has its driving force in the Helvetic Confederation, a worldwide symbol of cooperation between peoples and humanitarian commitment. The Tree of Life International Foundation operates on an international level along four thematic areas: protection, education, development and emergency. Tree of Life International Foundation establishment is aimed at creating a family of NGOs on an international level.

In Switzerland the Foundation is mainly involved in raising awareness activities with education campaigns on rights, sustainable development, active and global citizenship.The Swiss activity started from the Canton Ticino from an analysis conducted in 2011 that initially identified some areas of intervention within the juvenil disconfort area (youth deviations, bullying phenomena in particular), in the macro-area of ​​the protection of childhood.

In June 2012 started the program for The New Planet Project of education, interculture and social integration, promotion of rights and health within the school, the family, the community. It is financed by the Health Promotion Agency Switzerland for 18 months and it saw the implementation of activities on three levels:

• At school. School modules for elementary and middle school children on the themes of peer and adult relationships, active citizenship, rights, globalization. With teachers training seminars on relational communication, cultural interaction, children’s rights;• with families. Thematic meetings on communication in the family, parenting in adolescence, social role of children, health in puberty; activation of cooperative groups between parents;• with the community. Territory events in order to share the work carried out by schools and groups of families with citizenship. The project operated in 12 locations in 5 districts of the Canton Ticino, involving 11 schools and 84 classes for a total of 2,325 children and 205 teachers. Territorial activities have reached about 1,233 families. For the five-year period 2016-2020, the activity of the Tree of Life International Foundation is expected along four guidelines:

  1. National and International social activity
  2. Raising awareness campaign and fundraising
  3. Junction to connected organisations
  4. Organizational development

Tree of Life International looks at the development of relevant activities for children.

The Foundation will implement its own projects and structures and at the same time will continue to support the initiatives promoted by the entities of Tree of Life network and make use of its organizational structures and active partnerships to optimize the use of resources collected for projects and beneficiaries.In addition to the already active countries – India, Kenya, Congo, Peru and Haiti – new openings are already ongoing in the Asian continent: Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar