Andean women on walk

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Project Description

Andean women on walk. Promotion of tarwi product in Huaylas province towards National and International trade in the rural framework of sustainable development

 The project aims to improve the economy of the Andean families of the Province of Huaylas by strengthening the socio-economic role of women in the production and marketing of the native tarwi product, a legume with high protein content and oils, originating of the sierra in Peru.

 The project action is articulated through three main axes that are:

  1. a product production and marketing axis at regional and national level;
  2. a second component related to training activities on the consolidation of a self-employment and income generating culture suitable for the economic and sustainable development of the area;
  3. a third axis concerns the promotion of the product at an international level: one of the central activities is to promote the product and the eco-sustainable development model realized for its production in the EXPO 2015 showcase in Italy.

We have helped:

120 women and 280 peasant men in the intervention area 100 officers and public employees of the Provincial Municipality of Huaylas and district municipalities. Many of the indirect beneficiaries were: visitors of promotional activities both in Italy and in Peru (EXPO 2015) and Mistura 2016. A total of 20,000 people are estimated.

Project Details