A clinic for poor people of WhafJeremie

A clinic for poor people of WhafJeremie 2018-11-28T12:09:20+01:00

Project Description

After the earthquake of 2010, the intervention in Haiti aims to help the affected populations. After the emergency, the foundation has set up a project to support the San Franswa clinic that takes care of the poor families of the WhafJeremie slums, where violence is widespread and people do not have access to hospitals and private clinics. A pediatric ward was created, with equipments and a specialized staff, where mothers are supported to raise their children with targeted nutrition programs.

Haiti, a very poor country

Life for children and women in Haiti was already very difficult before the earthquake of 12 January 2010 devastated the island. The country presents the worst socio-economic indicators of Latin America:
• 1 child out of 12 dies before the 5th year
• 1 child only out of 3 is vaccinated
• 1 child out of 4 is malnourished
• 1 child out of 2 does not go to school

Haiti also has the highest maternal mortality rate in the region: 670 deaths per 100,000 live births.From the earthquake of 2010 to today the island has been plagued by natural events (typhoons and famines), health emergencies (a widespread epidemic of cholera) and by various political and social unrest, thanks to a still very strong institutional fragility.

WhafJeremie between violence and isolation

WhafJeremie’s shantytown is characterized by severe degradation and poverty: the population has no access to basic rights (water, food, education, medical care), violence is widespread and the rate of maternal and child mortality is high. The earthquake has furtherly worsened the situation, partly because the area remained isolated for a long time and received late assistance.The 2010 earthquake destroyed the only existing center for families and children, the San Franswa Center of the Franciscan Missionary Fraternity, which housed a school, a clinic and a refectory.In June 2010 the construction of the new clinic began, consisting of a waiting room, a sorting point, a first aid room, a room used as a nutritional support program, a dental room and a pediatric room.

Since then, activities have focused in particular on children, through targeted nutritional programs and the creation of a pediatric ward where are allocated equipments and medicines, ensuring the stable presence of pediatricians and nursing staff.

50.000 poor people helped out

Beneficiaries are the 50,000 inhabitants of the slums with particular attention to children and mothers.

A concrete help

 • The project guarantees continuity to the San Franswa clinic
• Equipping with furniture and equipments
• Supply of medicines and consumer products (syringes, patches, scalpels, bandages…)
• Medical-health care for children treated by a pediatrician and by paramedics
• Nutritional support and mother-child support program
• Training of paramedical personnel
• Training and awareness on correct hygiene practices

What you can do

Support the San Franswa clinic, helpmany children and their mothers survive

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